rodc (rekollections of dr. clatterbaugh): books I and II


the malcoln rodgers 7 part series begins long before malcolm rodgers. book I traces the family history from prior to the middle passage. book II picks up with young malcoln rodgers. he knows something is amiss. he's always been a bit different, a bit adrift and prone to falling in love with unattainable women. as he begins "tennis shoe" registration for his freshman year of college he happens to start talking to "claudia", an older, beautiful student teacher, who appears very interested in malcoln. it turns out she's an assistant teacher for "dr. clatterbaugh", a philosophy professor with a near cult-like following on campus. lured by his interest in claudia, young malcoln embarks on not only a philosophy class, but a life changing journey. as he's pulled deeper into the philosophical questions posed by dr. clatterbaugh, he begins a relationship with claudia. eventually as the puzzle pieces come together, he realizes that he's crossed paths with dr. clatterbaugh before and that claudia, dr. clatterbaugh, and his mother are linked together and playing out cards that were dealt to them hundreds of years ago.... malcoln's destined to be dr. clatterbaugh's prized pupil, and a whole lot more.