other projects

by evz-yoyo

hooded guru

12 "snapshots" of the condition of life on planet earth. meant as a type of verbal photo album for your coffee table in heaven, to remind you of all the things in life that were raw, real and sublime


21 short stories exploring the relationship between malcoln rodgers, his nameless muse and existence. journey around the world and the universe as they engage in their trance/meditation and visit different cultures, different times and different people, all living out their lives completely unaware of each other

three flowers blooming

all of these stories take place when the mood of the world forces a different perspective upon the individual. with titles such as ' fading sun ' , ' goodtimes monday magenta ' and ' new mexico sunset ' a world of colors, shapes, temperatures and geography conspire to tell unique and individual stories

rigor mortis

13 poems concerning meditations upon the constant presence of a human heart which desires... even if that desire has no name, no form and no tangible means of expression


a writing project by malcoln rodgers with the goal of taking things to their ultimate extreme. from the perspective of looking at life completely devoid of any spiritual element. these 20 stories aim straight for the gutters, blind alleys and garbage dumps of the human mind

his chosen dream

malcoln rodgers is involved in a car accident and has suffered a debilitating brain injury. as he lays in a coma, he experiences a re-wakening. slowly, he gains control of his mental and dream powers and begins to construct a whole new world. a world which restores the spirit world, the unknown, imagination and respect for the relationship between all things in the democracy of his minds creation. whether malcoln will return to the real world is unknown.... or is this world any less real than any other? malcoln's inner experience is, ' his chosen dream '

the milky celestial way

what if you could tell all of the stories of your life and those who were important to you, but you couldn't follow a narrative? in over 300 short stories malcoln rodgers relates the events of his life, sometimes in a word, sometimes a sentence but mostly in dozens of poems and stories. the experiences are here, the facts are missing, but by the end, you have the complete oblique biography of malcoln rodgers