and waves


a series of autumn themed poems so rich and earthly, you can smell the damp leaves as you open the pages. 'moods, phases and waves ' explores the internal world of malcoln rodgers as he begins another late fall and winter in seattle. likening his yearly condition to that of a genie being stuffed back into his bottle, malcoln rodgers is forced to deal with life through a consciousness that is no longer a part of the world. forced into a dark corner of his mind malcoln's only hope is found in the act of writing. as he watches the days and weeks march by, from his room which is behind his eyes, he becomes one with his "space". armed only with a manual typewriter, malcoln produces his pennace, the poetry of seasonal observation, longing and desperation. finally, when the spring comes, malcoln is once again released, bearded, emaciated and unable to look anywhere near the sun, he experiences a slowly building euphoric salvation... until the late fall comes again.