on a faraway hill


rodgers point is a small village on the british columbia coast situated on a long inlet where the waves wash upon a glassy marble cliff face that soothes the whole town to sleep nightly. malcoln returns to this village to live with his aunt, her husband and "baby k". the village is a commune, founded by malcoln's great-great-grandfather, where there are no cars, no televisions or electricity. everyone takes part and the community lives in a tranquil state removed from the troubles of the city. unfortunately malcoln has lived in the city for many years before his return. this summer he meets up with his childhood love, "sarah". she's married, but amazingly the same. full of love and with an unusual ability to give her full and complete attention to whoever she's with. although she's married, malcoln can not resist the magnetic pull of her comforting presence. mr. "pa" loganss helps malcoln think his way through this summer visit and helps him decide whether he can be a part of the community, or if he will have to follow a different path. horse drawn carts, wild strawberry picking, hiking, bathing in streams, are everyday activities ' on a faraway hill '