hennessey loveless,

a homeless man's

letters to nobody


this work is penned by malcoln rodgers from the perspective of hennessey loveless, a homeless man he be-frieded. in their series of visits and talks, they share and have experiences, many of which served as the inspiration for the works in this book

excerpt from: ' hennessey loveless '. . .

intellectual eden

what is this conglomerate conspiracy that constitutes the gestalt of our lives?
time is a rather large part of it
it has all of us completely
every cell, every atom marches to its beat
indeed no one can stray, no one is capable of straying...
every part is a part of what this is
[and there is so much unrecognized truth, in this deceptively simple truth]...

and just what were those dreams of youth?

[don't stop and reflect too long
many have been poisoned by the pill of contemplation
it is a tunnel that leads to death as surely as the next, only more painful
amplified by a multiplicity of tangential diversions and derivations
with many long transmutations to ruinous ruminations
and definitive self-exploration.]

it is a given that "freedom" resides in this perspective
as surely as the ironclad bars of existence
that symbolize, epitomize, exhilarate and terrorize...
except for those who escape
what is ultimately a lonely assignment

and who are these people that are after me
is it life begging participation?
or only a metaphor for impossible escape?

and just what is the proper amount of acceptance?
perhaps, the kind you aren't even aware of

surrender to an aspect of participation
and then you can lose yourself
and those who are after you can not find you
they become lost in the finding of you

so much blissfull contemplation, of anything, if it's done in meditation
but mostly it's done as an exercise in aggression
and as a result...

the bodies of philosophers are strewn across the battleground of strategy and understanding
as they fall and rot in the hot sun of analysis
like knights on a quest, looking for the chalice of perfection
that only a few understand
... an un-graspable un-dwellable...
intellectual eden