the doctor, the dreamer & the magician

going beyond the far reaches of the creation of the first modern human, a curious being named “feyman” roamed the earth. looking more like an ape/man hybrid than intelligent being, feyman in fact became the defacto teacher of humans, culture, cultivation and social organization for the first pre-humans. feyman’s magic was one not borne of otherworldly knowledge or guidance, rather, as a strange outgrowth of the beginnings of life, his make-up was such that he was an eternal being, and so the wisdom he gathered and experienced and embodied became the heart of wisdom, known to him, as it was, on a pre-verbal level, a level that modern humans only passingly know, as they translate thoughts, feelings and actions into the math of language. the word that today that most accurately describes the depths of feyman’s understanding can be described as “yoga”. through living for dozens and hundreds and thousands of years, feyman was able to learn steadily through his inner wisdom, how to reach yoga core knowledge in all phases of living in oneness and totality with existence.

feyman from time to time would find individuals who endeared him of heart and mind and for whom he would teach bits and pieces of his knowledge, such as could be known and comprehended and if not mastered, gotten, in a manner that today would be described as a loving epiphany to each in his own way, by beings who are not mortal, in the course of very few meetings, in the space of very little time. in times between, feyman would retreat and compose his mind and body in deep lostness in the course and manner of day to day existence.

when the first great migration of peoples first cast off amongst themselves in the form of regional tribes began to intermingle on a mass scale in the early 12th, 13th and 14th century, feyman began to emerge, inspired and moved by the strangeness of these comings and goings, to impart wisdom upon many more individuals, such as they could receive it.

feyman himself had two sons, who also inherited immortality of life who would also impart their own knowledge, in indirect rather than direct ways (showing, vs. talking and teaching). which brings the story to the present (at that time) in the lives of one who would become known as the doctor and the dreamer. feyman interceded in their karmic course, to instill his knowledge and to bend their fate as feyman was able to perceive, in his profound wisdom, and so he taught them, and prepared them, as he could, through teaching and direct intervention as they became entangled in a journey and unfolding of destiny, that spanned their homeland (africa) and a magnificent new world (south america), and a terminated, strangely in a wondrous new land (western europe). the course of life and of existence among beings was changed and shaped forever more, and yet at the same time, this interaction also held profound changes and affected as deeply the one known as feyman, whom in response evolved in body, mind and spirit through the accumulation of his understanding and knowledge of this experience culminating in his becoming what could today only be described as a magician.

with the coming of the new technologies and awakening of man to a new phase of existence, feyman was able to bend his unfathomable experience and yogic knowledge upon these new discoveries and subsume a new meaning and create a new seeming magic which he then expressed in his being as he continued his previous adventures of transmitting his knowledge to those that endeared him in heart and mind in the new world which we now find ourselves.

there are many details, specific events, realizations and unveilings contained within the story of feyman, and how he and his sons interceded and manifested themselves in the lives of the doctor and the dreamer and all that touched their lives. these tales are what has now become known under the collective name of, The Doctor, The Dreamer & The Magician

1. rekollections of dr. clatterbaugh
2. esplanade!
3. on a faraway hill
4. khloe von schoenverdamm
5. moods, phases and waves
6. hennessey loveless
7. colony

stories & poetry


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9. ultradig
10. three flowers blooming
11. rigor mortis
12. underdogg
13. his chosen dream
14. the milky celestial way