hundreds of thousands of years in the future, an artificial planet known as ' colony ' floats throughout the universe unburdened by any attachment to a sun. the colony is composed of 556,932 separate worlds, each approximately the size of the earth, each separated and unaware of one another. The colony is run by a race called the ueishe's that was bred to administer it. but ultimate in charge of colony is malcoln rodgers. a manufactured being, created by his namesake, to carry on his mission long after his demise. before being a scientist and inventor, malcoln was a child prodigy, brilliant beyond imagination, who abandoned science for his love, claudia, and his passion, music. when his love died tragically, he turned his focus on science, and began creating new forms of technology the world had never seen, with the goal of creating an artificial planet that would safeguard man's legacy. he was successful, and with the demise of earth, mankind transferred itself onto the colony. as it travels the universe, malcoln introduces new life-forms and organisms into new colonies while he lives secluded in his small apartment monitoring the goings on; and also, where he awaits the reincarnation of his true love... just like existence, which serves as the stage for the tale of our lives, ' colony ' is a small, but meaningful slice, of a much larger pie